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Get to Know Property Insurance


Property insurance may not be as popular as health insurance or auto insurance. But actually property insurance has benefits that are no less important.

However, people tend to rule out this type of insurance. For those of you who are residential owners and are not very familiar with property insurance, this article can help you understand property insurance and how to apply for insurance as reported by

Types of property insurance

In general, there are two types of property insurance, namely property insurance for residential homes and business insurance. This business insurance is further divided into warehouse, shop / shop, and office / shop.

What is covered?

Disasters can come at any time. Both disasters that have become a habit in the rainy season, such as floods, or disasters such as fire, explosion and smoke. The risk of weather changes such as being hit by lightning is also covered. Even property insurance also covers damage if the house crashes.

Not only that, policyholders can also get an extended risk guarantee. This risk insurance covers riot / riot, landslide, storm or hurricane, theft, and debris cleaning costs.

Personal collectibles, valuables, or furniture can also come under protection. But of course you have to combine it with personal property insurance. So, not only the main building is protected, but also the contents inside.

For home insurance or personal property insurance, chances are that it only covers the standard risk of fire. However, at this time the coverage can be expanded by paying an additional premium. The expansion of this coverage is wider than the usual home insurance as mentioned above.

Houses here are not only landed houses, but apartments and flats are also included. Property insurance does not only apply to homes that have been paid off, but homes that are purchased on credit also need to be insured. Your house can be insured even if it has three floors, as long as the second and third floor materials are not made of wood or other flammable materials.

For business insurance, coverage can be extended to cover household equipment, machinery, merchandise, supplies or finished goods, and so on. In addition, a Business Interruption policy is also provided which guarantees protection against lost profits or income due to business interruptions caused by loss, destruction or damage that is guaranteed by an all risk property insurance policy.

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